Week 2023

November 26 - December 2 2023.

World Design Systems Week


Evolving Design Systems

World Design Systems Week is an annual celebration of the design system community, where we celebrate and engage in conversations about design systems via events around the world.

The theme for this year is “evolving design systems.” Design systems have come a long way since Brad Frost created Atomic Design ten years ago! Many teams are evolving their design systems to scale, become more sustainable, and tackle different challenges.

What does the future of design systems look like? How are we going to evolve from where we are now? What does realistic evolution look like? Communities will be hosting events in their location to explore what “evolving designs systems” looks like.

World Design Systems Week will be held in November 26 - December 2, 2023, and presented in partnership with zeroheight. We invite all members of the community to contribute, host their own activity or event and build bridges around the world!

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