Hosting an event

We’d love to make this celebration a truly global event. We’re looking for organizers who are passionate about design systems and communities. Our theme for this year is “building bridges.” We’re looking for events that encourage bridge building in the community, within systems, within teams, etc. Consider how your community will stay in touch after WDSW, too.

Kinds of events you can host

What kind of event you host is up to you! Think of something that would be suitable for your local community. Consider starting small, after all it’s our first year! :)

Here are some ideas to help inspire:

Feel free to get creative to inspire building bridges in your local design system community!

Ready to host?

If you’re interested in hosting, please apply via this form. We will be in touch. If someone from your location is also interested in hosting, we will likely put you in touch with one another.

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